8 Billion Acts of Innovation: content writing completed

One of my most exciting projects ever! 8 Billion Acts of Innovations is a venture capital funding TV show were Artificial Intelligence companies compete for $20 million per episode. The content writing task involved interviews, research, and the writing of all pages, bios, and menus.

Of particular note are the AI case studies I personally researched and wrote up. They spell out how AI can help solve difficult business problems and deliver better customer service.

The company and TV show is the work of visionary Canadian Taimour Zaman who has pioneered several other successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Uncommon Sense about Web Content

A recent introduction to online marketer Ken Wells turned into a captivating telephone interview on Web content. After some thinking and a bit of research, I decided our discussion was good educational material and worth publishing. I’ve added some background info and a few insights to round it out.

<img decoding=” width=”229″ height=”72″>Ken is president of The Leads Hub and he’s been involved in online marketing for about 10 years. His company offers a full range of digital marketing services to small and medium businesses in the Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Vaughan areas.

Digital Marketers: “They’re on the endangered list. There’s far fewer of them this year than last. Why? “So-called search engine optimization “experts” have realized that Google’s updates have more to do with social proof and especially content.”

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